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In 1991, I found a Steinway M, still in the same home where it had been delivered new in 1931 as a Christmas gift for a thirteen year old girl.

Cal inspected the piano before purchase, and subsequently installed a new pin block, rebuilt the action, and supervised the refinishing of the case from the sound board out. His superb attention to detail marked every step of the process. I now enjoy a beautiful instrument — both tonally and visually — that has also inspired my granddaughters to take piano lessons.

Private Client, Ed Bradshaw
Cal Champine tunes my piano at home as well as the church where I am Music Minister. He always takes the time to go over in detail any specifics involving the tuning. He always has something to show me, usually from the latest Piano Technicians Guild Seminar he attended. Whether it be new pianos, technology, tools or techniques. He’s always striving to be current in his field.
Private Instructor, Performer, and Music Director, Pam Tucker
I have been using Cal Champine’s services for years, both at my home and for our church piano. As a choir director and pianist, I appreciate his professionalism, honesty and expertise, as well as his pleasant, friendly personality.
Choir Director and Pianist, Maggi Wunschl
I had used the tuning services of several other professionals before meeting Cal Champine. But now I will NEVER use anyone else!

Cal knows my piano inside and out…literally! Every instrument has its own personality (tone, touch, mechanical idiosyncrasies) and it is so wonderful to have a consistency within the instrument each time Cal finishes.

I am blessed to know Cal because he is so capable and I can trust him completely.

I recommend only him to all of my student families and professional colleagues.

Teacher of Piano, Vocal & Woodwinds Lessons, Kristi Balding, Kristi Balding's Music Studio, Waterford, MI
I have known Cal Champine for over 20 years. He has tuned the pianos at the church as well as the piano in my home. He has provided us with excellent service, always reliable and on time. Cal has been able to handle all tunings and any necessary repairs we have needed. At the church, we have many kinds of pianos from grand pianos to old uprights. He has been able to help us maintain their quality over many years.

I can confidently recommend Cal Champine, RPT.

Worship Arts Director, Verna Leo
Cal Champine has been tuning our piano at Ocean Prime in Troy for over two years. He is a world class technician and has an awesome technique. The tunings are impeccable, and his voicing makes playing a joy. I highly recommend him.
We have elected to have a major rebuild of our piano, and we chose Cal to do the work.
Pianist, Doc Woodward
When church members ask me to recommend someone to tune their piano, I highly recommend Cal Champine. For our school music program, music festivals, and worship services, we expect excellence. Cal’s quality tuning and service provide that.
Music Pastor and Teacher, Jim Watson
Cal is an excellent piano technician. He is honest and dependable–simply the best! My piano’s best friend!
Piano Teacher and Composer, Sue Austin
I found Cal’s name and business ages ago, in the Yellow Pages. Could it really have been in the 70’s? I was very upset after having received unsatisfactory tuning services for several years. Here was a new name. He tuned my pianos, and the rest is history! All three of my pianos have been serviced only by Calvin ever since. I am always confident of their precise tuning, beautiful tone and correctness!I have been happy to recommend him and his fine work to friends as well as institutions. His maintenance of the piano for Tuesday Musicale of Greater Pontiac has been life saving for the instrument, a real boon for our performing groups and soloists. All that, and I LIKE him, too! Thanks, Cal, for superb work, integrity, and genuine friendship!
Certified Teacher of piano and lever harp, Church musician, Choral Director, Therapeutic Harp Practitioner, Margaret Warczak
I make my living at the piano. I am the “First-Call” pianist at the Townsend Hotel, and I am a Lecturer and Jazz Piano Instructor at Wayne State University. Because I am a professional in the field, you might imagine that my standards are quite high regarding the tuning and maintenance of my piano.
You would be right.
I need a technician I can rely on consistently to deliver an impeccably tuned piano, and who demonstrates the integrity, experience and craftsmanship to keep my musical instrument in top working order.
That is why, for over 20 years now, Cal Champine has been my piano technician of choice.
Jazz Pianist, University Lecturer and Jazz Piano Instructor, Rob Pipho
Cal Champine is much more than one who tunes and restores pianos. Because of the attention to detail and precision that characterizes his work, it would be far more fitting to refer to his skill as one of artistry. I am grateful for his expertise. I appreciate his integrity and dedication to his work and therefore do not hesitate to highly recommend him.
Mason Hamlin Grand Rebuild Client, Cindy Verner