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  • If you want your student to truly excel, then a fine grand piano holds all the necessary elements and excitement needed to accomplish that goal.
  • Purchasing a piano is a big commitment, but now it doesn’t have to be YOUR SOLUTION.
  • Renting a high quality GRAND PIANO at a reasonable monthly rate is the best answer.

Listen to one of my grand piano rentals as played by Allan Wang in this video.
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Unique Opportunity

Cal Champine, RPT is offering quality grand pianos for rental on a monthly basis, minimum one year contract to whatever length of time beyond that you wish.

Amazingly Affordable

The cost of rental ranges from $90.00-$110.00, depending on size, make and condition of the piano.

Moving and Insurance

Moving fee and insurance is a one time fee of $600.00, no matter how long you keep the piano.

Supply is Limited

Contact Cal Champine at 248-879-0534 or email me through the contact page here on my website.

Expensive Instruments in Excellent Condition

These are expensive instruments in excellent condition, some are even brand-new!